UPDATES 5/13/23

The full LadEarth server has now released!

The map has been reloaded. The server has been opened. Make sure to update the Modpack if you haven’t already!

UPDATES 4/28/23

The entire western hemisphere of the map was reverted to vanilla chunks and corrupted, so we’ll be releasing a new server soon.

UPDATES 2/26/23

We’ve released the 2.4 update, adding Wings of Freedom mod for cannons, Black Powder mod for some more guns, and AstikorCarts!

UPDATES 11/24/22

Flintlock Doublebarrel Blunderbuss has been removed from the shop. Design notes for guns you cannot get from the shop have been added for players to make them normally. During sieges, players will now keep their inventories if they die in a siege zone.

UPDATES 11/09/22

Tiki, Carpenter, and Gun shops have been created. Modded ores have been added to the ores shop, and modded blocks have been added to the blocks shop. 

UPDATES 8/6/22

Several shop exploits have been nerfed, and a new jobs system has been implemented for players to make money. 
Towny and SiegeWar have been updated.

UPDATES 8/2/22

A version of old guns mod has been released that causes the gunsmith bench not to crash the server!