Server Help

LadEarth – Age of enlightenment Minecraft Server!

Welcome! Here is all of the information you will
​ need to be a part of the server!


LadEarth is a 18th century based Minecraft server. It uses a customized Earth Map with extra biomes, and uses several mods! When you join, you can either join someone’s town, or make your own! These towns can be formed into nations. The king of the nation can set the tax for the towns, and the mayors can set the taxes for residents. Taxes are a good way to keep a town alive. There is an upkeep system, and every day money will be taken from your town.


The server’s primary form of war are sieges. These sieges can be started by kings by placing a banner outside other towns. When a siege begins, the king will receive the option to either annex or occupy. There will be war times where if you maintain control of the banner, you gain siege points. If you are killed, the enemy can take control of the banner and gain more points. At the end of several battles, when the siege is over, whoever has the most points will win. For defenders, it means a cooldown for the attackers, and for the attackers, it means occupation. Occupation can be started if the king places the banner again outside of the town they won.


Occupation, whilst not complete annexation, gives all benefits to the occupying nation and acting like if it was owned by them. To liberate the town through a siege, the king of the nation it is formally in must place the banner outside the occupied town. If the town itself would like to start a siege to end occupation, It’s mayor must place the banner outside their own town. An occupied town can be plundered by it’s occupiers. To plunder, the king must place a chest outside the town.  The action of plundering will take $40 per chunk of claim in the town, and put it into the nation’s bank. To claim land as a town, stand in a neighbor chunk to your town and type /t claim, or /t claim outpost for outposts.


Annexation on the other hand incorporates towns directly into the nation, and they won’t be able to leave unless they rebel.